5 Interesting Things To Know About Chimneysthe Popular Outdoor Fireplaces

By 5T2Mgk On April 20th, 2017

By Greg Garner

Outdoor fireplaces have been popular in the US since hundreds of years. These are specially designed fireplaces with a highly energy-efficient design that helps in giving out more heat than by other outdoor heat generation methods such as by simply burning firewood in the form of a campfire. Here are a few important things to remember about these outdoor fireplaces that are also popularly known as chimneys.


Chimneys originated in the southern country of Mexico. These fireplaces are not a modern design; their design was perfected by Mexican tribesmen, and the same has carried on over the centuries. What we use as outdoor fireplaces is the same design, with very few changes. The basic design consist of a pot made of cast iron or a similar fire-resistant material with an open avenue from which to put the firewood and burn it and a vent on the top that also acts as a chimney. The whole structure is erected at a point over the ground, raised about 2 to 3 feet.


When the wood is put in it and burnt, it takes only about 10 minutes to make the whole place comfortably warm. This is because of the round design of the outdoor fireplace. The round design can very capably circulate the heat within and release it outside. Also, because of the round shape, a large amount of the heat produced is reflected multiple times and then released, which adds to the energy efficiency of the device.

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You can also use your outdoor fireplaces for more reasons than just receiving heat. Some people use them to make their outdoor environment more fragrant. If you burn sandalwood, camphor or pinonwood in the outdoor fireplace, the heat produced wont be too much, but the entire outside surrounding where this fireplace is present will become pleasantly fragrant. You could keep burning such material in your outdoor fireplace and enhance the quality of the surroundings of your home.


As far as possible, dont use your outdoor fireplace when it is likely to rain. If you have the fireplace going with a nice crackling fire inside it, and if it suddenly begins to rain on it, then the drastic pressure difference can cause it to crack. This is one hazard that you will have to face with outdoor fireplaces. In such a case, you may still be able to use your chimney, but their heat efficiency will be quite reduced. Hence, the best thing to do is to avoid using the fireplace during the rainy season.


You will need to keep cleaning your outdoor fireplace often. There isnt much you have to do just clean out the inside pot and the vent that leads the exhaust out of it. This simple process makes it more efficient. You can also add to the heating quality of your outdoor fireplace by adding some sand on the surface.

These are the different things you should know about outdoor fireplaces to get started with them. If you havent installed one already, do it and youll see how greatly they can enhance the quality of your home.

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