One Of The Top Ten Small Hotels Is The Inn At Little Washington

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By Mary Hanna

The Inn at Little Washington in Washington, Virginia has consistently been rated on of the top ten little hotels for years. There are no signs to point you in the right direction, but when you see the white building with flags flying you will know that you have arrived at the Inn. A stately Dalmatian with a string of pearls around its neck will greet you as a member of the staff takes your bags leading you to a little alcove for refreshment of biscuits and Herbal Tea.

The smiling face in the portrait of Brillat Savarin, from the 18th century, hangs high above the fireplace seeming to give his approval. Through French doors is a lovely courtyard with tables lovingly set with crystal and silver giving you a hint of what is to come. The stunning collection of art and antiques, flowers everywhere, sumptuous fabrics and wall coverings tantalize the eye.

The delectable little Inn, established in 1978, was the creation of Patrick O’Connell and his partner Reinhardt Lynch. Just for some reassurance of this quality Inn, it was the first enterprise to be awarded five stars for their accommodations and five stars for its restaurant from the Mobil Travel Guide. AAA awarded the Inn its highest rating, the 5 Diamond Award for both accommodation and food. It is the first Inn ever to receive that award from AAA.

The brilliant London stage and set designer, Joyce Evans created the gorgeous 15 bedrooms and suites without ever coming to America. Almost all of the furnishings where purchased in England. She then numbered each item and shipped them to the Inn. Once at the Inn they were put together like a giant puzzle. The suites are two stories with balconies and views of the beautiful gardens.

Recently they added the Mayors House. This lovely accommodation has a private courtyard, two fireplaces and the bedroom has a beamed ceiling. The Inn adds just the right touches to add to the magic of the place. Huge bouquets of flowers will fill an armoire in the reading area of one of the rooms. Or a canopied sofa will be covered in exotic fabrics in vivid colors. Every single room is unique and beautiful to the last detail.

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It is like a dream when you step into the dining room. Absolutely pure luxury awaits you. Each table is very romantic with silk lampshades in a rose color floating overhead. Reinhardt Lynch is the host and he keeps a watchful eye as Patrick’s dazzling creations arrive at the 30 cozy tables. If you can believe it, each course outdoes the last one. The Sommelier will marry a wine with your ordered meal from the wine cellar containing over 14,000 bottles of wine. The Herald Tribune as dubbed this restaurant one of the top ten restaurants in the world.

Craig Clairborne has honored the Inn with the classification of the best in the world. Patrick, while classically French trained, believes in healthy imaginative meals or as he puts it, “the cuisine of today.” For the past 14 years the Zagat survey has rated it number one in all categories.

The Inn installed a new kitchen in 1998 and many refer to it as the most beautiful kitchen in the world. There is an enormous Vulcan range that was built to order in France topped with a huge hood of brass. They even have two tables in the kitchen with they call the inner sanctum where patrons can watch the action.

The service at the Inn is impeccable with an eye to service and detail. Travel & Leisure readers always rate it as the world’s best. You can partake of breakfast in the sunny Terrace room by the garden or have it sent to your room. A wonderful touch is that the staff will pack you an exquisite picnic and map out a scenic route through the countryside where you can view some of the best scenery in the country. Just make sure you return in enough time for the afternoon tea.

The Inn at Little Washington has won top honors from all the organizations that judge food and accommodations. They have been consistent, year after year.

Just across the street from the Inn is a recently renovated old tavern that was built in 1740. No longer a tavern it now serves as The Inn Shops. There are 5 beautifully decorated rooms that offer everything from tableware to delicacies from the Inn’s kitchen. All of the 5 rooms retain their original identities from the 1800’s. Food provisions of all sorts are offered for sale in the old kitchen. Things like jellies and jams or spices. The original dining room offers glassware and china. The old general store has become an art gallery. In the old Tavern Room you can choose from period pieces, silver or pewter.

The Inn at Little Washington is a must see. When you are in the Washington, Virginia why not treat yourself and be a guest. You won’t be sorry.

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What To Do With Wall Sconces?}

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What To Do With Wall Sconces?


Rudy Silva

Among all the fixtures available in the market wall sconce lighting gives you an exciting and sensual mood when place properly. At most, these vanity light fixtures produce soft and indirect lighting, making them ideal for a romantic and soothing ambience.

Some lighting designers liken this wall lighting to gaslights used in most films. However, they prefer to use sconce for safety reasons. This type of lighting can be arranged to give the light you want. For example, wall lamps can be used to blend with an intimate theme or inspiring style.

To use light sconces, it is helpful to remember that they should be used in pairs or trios. Using one sconce may not bring out the desired aura of the room, nor does it satisfy its purpose. Depending on your style, you can use wall sconces on either side of the mirror in the house. They are also ideal on two sides of the main door inside the house.

If you want to install vanity light fixtures in your bedroom, you can install them above the nightstands to produce a stylish dcor. If you want, you can have them installed on both side of your bed. There are also specific bathroom sconces that can add accent.

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In addition, one sconce on either side of the mirror is great for task lighting. Another wall lamp can be mounted on the wall near the sink.

You can even put sconces on the outside walls to create a new outdoor appearance. They can also provide security. If you are a type of person who loves the outdoors, you can create an inviting garden or front yard with well-chosen wall sconces.

The good thing about this wall lamp is its flexible mounting. You can mount them on any type of material such as plastic, stone, sheet rock, plaster, wood, brick, and tile.

Of course, just like any vanity lighting fixture, wall lights come in different shapes, design and style. Ensure that each sconce matches the furniture and other dcor in the room. Sometimes, wall lights are complementary to other lighting systems in the room or area. If this is the case, it would be better that all lights blend with each other’s unique style.

You can also buy a complete set of light fixtures that match, which is helpful, if you are redecorating a house. If you want a classic theme, there is a lighting system that can provides all lights that you need, such as chandeliers, wall sconces, floor lamps, pendant lights, and recessed lights.

Sconce height is an important factor in installing this lighting fixture. The ideal height is between head level and overhead level. But of course, the location where you install the wall light is another consideration in determining the ideal sconce height. If it is on the sides of a door, sconces should be level with the top portion of the door.

There are sconce fixtures whose bulb uses a high wattage. For rooms that are very dark, you will need lights that are bright. In shopping for your wall lamps, you have to consider its role in the room. Just as mentioned earlier, you have to determine if the wall sconces are complementary or decorative.

If the room has other sources of bright lights for task lighting, then you can choose a low voltage bulb and make the wall lights your source for accent lighting. If you want extra security, mount high wattage fixture on the external wall areas.

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